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Red Dog Media’s Work To Improve Internet Landscape Starts With Top-Rate Office

red dog media

While the Internet was once seen as an untamed Wild West-like frontier, it’s appearance today is far different. Websites are optimized for user experiences; platforms such as smartphones and tablets can access the Internet from anywhere; visitors can shop, comment and contribute; the rise of applications and third-party vendors alongside innumerable other examples goes to show what can be done with a little time and research. What’s more surprising about this progress is that it only took a little more than a decade for established norms and respected industry leaders to take hold and guide the Internet’s growth into something useful and trustworthy.


Among those entities that have taken it upon themselves to improve what’s arguably the most important invention of the last 50 years is Red Dog Media. This private search engine marketing company located in Nevada was co-founded by Michael Landier and Bryce Landier and has been in operation for the past decade. The company also specializes in search engine marketing, lead generation and local search services. What’s more, Red Dog Media is nimble and always ready to change its products and services as the Internet changes. If the last 15 years are any indicator, the Internet is always changing and it takes entrepreneurs like Michael Landier and Bryce Landier to see such changes on the horizon.


This is what makes working for the Landier brothers so appealing; their company is constantly evolving and still evolving and testing ways to acquire new monthly unique visitors. That alone goes to show that people are searching for ways to improve their own Internet browsing experience. For Red Dog Media employees, the benefits continue. You’ll earn a competitive salary and there’s a relaxed vacation policy alongside flexible hours. Red Dog Media also offers a matching 401(k) plan with immediate vesting. At the office, you’ll be treated to gourmet chef-prepared meals, snacks as well as fruit and vegetable smoothies.


As for the hardware and software that helps you get the job done, Michael Landier and Bryce Landier have spared no expense. You’ll be able to use top-of-the-line quiet-running PCs, 30-inch monitors, wireless headphones, motorized sit/stand desks, high-end task chairs in a bright an open office. Speaking of sparing no expense, the Landier brothers also feel strongly about their philanthropic efforts, having donated money to causes that employees feel are important – such as rural education and cancer treatment. All told, Red Dog Media adds up to a competent company working diligently to improve the Internet landscape through tailored search results crafted by skilled employees.

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